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Techworld With NANA - No.1 DevSecOps Bootcamp

Techworld With NANA - No.1 DevSecOps Bootcamp#

Course Information#

![DevSecOps Bootcamp](image.png)

  • Instructor: Techworld With Nana

  • Duration: 10 weeks

  • Level: Intermediate

Table of Contents#

  1. Security Essentials

  2. Introduction to DevSecOps

  3. Application Vulnerability Scanning

  4. Vulnerability Management and Remediation

  5. Vulnerability Scanning for Application Dependencies

  6. Build a CD Pipeline

  7. Image Scanning - Build Secure Docker Images

  8. AWS Cloud Security & Access Management

  9. Secure Continuous Deployment & DAST

  10. IaC and GitOps for DevSecOps

  11. Logging & Monitoring for Security

  12. Introduction to Kubernetes Security

  13. Kubernetes Access Management with AWS EKS

  14. Secure IaC Pipeline for EKS Provisioning

  15. Bootstrapping Clusters with EKS Blueprints

  16. Application Release Pipeline with ArgoCD

  17. Policy as Code with Open Policy Agent

  18. Secrets Management in Kubernetes

  19. Service Mesh with Istio

  20. Compliance as Code

  21. Adopt DevSecOps in Organizations


  • Cost: : β‚Ή10,000

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