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Sanket Singh Backend in Spring Boot

Sanket Singh Backend in Spring Boot#

Course Information#

Sanket Singh Backend in Spring Boot

  • Instructor: Sanket Singh

  • Duration: 12 weeks

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Table of Contents#

  1. introduction

  2. java refresher

  3. solid principles recorded

  4. Builder Design Pattern

  5. how backend architecture works

  6. Mavel Gradle Bazel (Googleโ€™s Build System) [LIVE]

  7. rdbms and dbms

  8. Functional Dependency And Normalisation [Recorded]

  9. Twitter DB Design and DB Indexing [recorded]

  10. SQL Queries with MySQL [Recorded]

  11. AirBnB DB Design Session [Live]

  12. Transactions and Acid in RDBMS with MySQL

  13. mongo db

  14. Projects with Gradle Gradle CLI Jar & FatJar

  15. Rest APIs CRUD [LIVE]

  16. Writing a basic Rest API in SpringBoot [LIVE]

  17. Beans Dependency injection Inversion Of Control [LIVE]

  18. Creating Annotations Aspect Oriented Programming

  19. MVC MODELS , Repositories

  20. HLD UBER backend

  21. Spring Data JPA , Hibernate, JDBC

  22. Setting up Jpa Configuration

  23. Annotations Lombok Component Service Repository

  24. Entities DAO UUID

  25. Mapped SuperClass Table Per Class Single & Joined Table

  26. Relational Mapping 11 1N MN Single & Joined Table


  • Cost: : โ‚น35,000

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