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iNeuron Java Entreprise

iNeuron Java Entreprise#

Course Information#

iNeuron Java Entreprise

  • Instructor: iNeuron

  • Duration: 10 weeks

  • Level: Advanced

Table of Contents#

  1. 9th July Live Class Introduction

  2. 10th July Live Class Basic of computer

  3. 13th July Doubt Clearing session

  4. 15th July Doubt Session

  5. 16th July Live Class Main method, Variables, Data types

  6. 17th July Live Class Operators , condtionals, loops , pattern

  7. 20th July Doubt Clearing session

  8. 23rd July Live Class Complex Pattern Programming org

  9. 24th July Live Class Classes & Object , JVM dats area, Methods

  10. 22nd July Doubt Sessions

  11. 27th July Doubt Session

  12. 29th July Doubt Clearing session

  13. 30th July Live Class Method overloading , Identifiers, Guesser

  14. 31st July live class Array in Java

  15. 03rd Aug Doubt Clearing Session

  16. 10th Aug Doubt Session

  17. 12th Aug Doubt Session

  18. 13th Aug Live Class Strings in Java part 1 org

  19. 14th Aug Live Class String part 2 Mutable String org

  20. 17th Aug Doubt Clearing Session

  21. 19th Aug Doubt Clearing Session

  22. 20th Aug Live Class Encapsulation and Constructor in Java

  23. 21st Aug Live Class Static keyword in Java org

  24. 24th Aug Doubt Clearing Session

  25. 26th Aug Doubt Session

  26. 27th Aug Live Class Inheritance

  27. 28th Aug Live Class Polymorphism and has A relationship in Java

  28. 31st Aug Doubt Session

  29. 2nd Sept Doubt Session

  30. 3rd Sept Live Class Aggregation , Composition , Abstract Keyword

  31. 4th Sept Live Class Abstraction and Interface in Java

  32. 7th Sept Doubt Session

  33. 9th Sept Doubt Session

  34. 10th Sept Live Class Functional Interface, Lambda Expression

  35. 11th Sept Live Class Exception Handling part 1 org

  36. 14th Sept Doubt Session

  37. 16th Sept Doubt Session

  38. 17th Sept Live Class Exception Handling part 2 org

  39. 18th Sept Live Class Exception Handling part 03 org

  40. 21st Sept Doubt Session

  41. 23rd Sept Doubt Session

  42. 24th Sept Live Class Wrapper classes and Boxing Unboxing in Java

  43. 25th Sept Live Class Multithreading part 01 org

  44. 28th Sept Doubt Session

  45. 30th Sept Doubt Session

  46. 1st Oct Live Class Multithreading part 2

  47. 7th Oct Doubt Session

  48. 8th Oct Live Class Var Args and Multithreading Producer and Consumer

  49. 9th Oct Live Class Collection api in Java part 1 org

  50. 9th Oct Live Class Collection api in Java part 2 org

  51. 12th Oct Doubt Session

  52. 14th Oct Doubt Session

  53. 15th Oct Live Class Collection part -2

  54. 16th Oct Live Class Collection part 03 and Maps org

  55. 19th Oct Doubt Session

  56. 21st Oct Doubt Session

  57. 28th Oct Doubt Session

  58. 29th Oct Live Class Generics , Comparable vs Comparator interface

  59. 30th Oct Live Class Stream Api and Date & Time Api in Java

  60. 2nd Nov Doubt Session

  61. 5th Nov Live Class Enum, Annotations in Java org

  62. 5th Nov Doubt Session

  63. 6th Nov Live Class Inner class, anonymous object in Java

  64. 9th Nov Doubt Session

  65. 12th nov File handling in java

  66. 12th Nov Doubt Session

  67. 13th nov live class Serialization and Deserialization in Java

  68. 16th Nov Doubt Session

  69. 19th Nov Live Class Cloneable and different ways of creating

  70. 20th Nov Live Class SQL and JDBCAPI

  71. 19th Nov Doubt Session

  72. 23rd Nov Doubt Session

  73. 26th Nov Live Class JDBC part 2

  74. 26th Nov Doubt Session

  75. 27th Nov Live Class JDBC prepared Statement,Date and time operation

  76. 30th Nov Doubt Session

  77. 3rd Dec Live Class JDBC Advance

  78. 3rd Dec Doubt Session

  79. 4th Dec Live Class Advance JDBC and Servlets Introduction

  80. 7th Dec Doubt Session

  81. 10th Dec live class Servlet Introduction

  82. 10th Dec Doubt Session

  83. 11th Dec Live Class Servelts in Java

  84. 14th Dec Doubt Session

  85. 17th Dec Live Class Servlet in Java (JEE)

  86. 17th Dec Doubt Session

  87. 18th Dec Live Class Servlets in Java JEE 2 org

  88. 21st Dec Doubt Session

  89. 4th Jan Doubt Session

  90. 7th Jan Live Class Servelt (JEE) -3

  91. 7th Jan Doubt Session

  92. 8th Jan Live Class Servlet Session Tracking JEE org

  93. 9th Jan Live Class Servlet and JSP in Java org

  94. 10th Jan Live Class JSP in Java

  95. 11th Jan Doubt Session

  96. 14th Jan Live Class MVC, Project discussion, Resume and Interview

  97. 14th Jan Doubt session

  98. 15th Jan Live Class JSP

  99. 18th Jan Doubt Session

  100. 21st Jan Live Class Advance JSP

  101. 21st Jan Doubt Session

  102. 22nd Jan Live Class JSTL

  103. 28th Jan Live Class JDBC project and hibernate introduction

  104. 29th Jan Live Class Servlet project with jdbc and hibernate

  105. 1st Feb Doubt Session

  106. 4th Feb Live Class Hibernate and its internal architecture,

  107. 5th Feb Live Class CRUD operations using hibernate and behind

  108. 8th Feb Doubt Session

  109. 11th Feb Live Class Synchronization in hibernate, Generators

  110. 11th Feb Live Class Synchronization in hibernate, Generators

  111. 11th Feb Doubt Session

  112. 12th Feb Live Class Aching in hibernate, LOB operation, Versioning

  113. 15th Feb Doubt Session

  114. 18th Feb Live Class Introduction to Spring Framework

  115. 18th Feb Doubt Session

  116. 19th Feb Live Class Hibernate connection pooling, bulk operation

  117. 22nd Feb Doubt Session

  118. 25th Feb Live Class Pagination,stored procedure call,named native

  119. 26th Feb Live Class Hibernate mapping, hibernate locking,console

  120. 1st March Doubt Session

  121. 4th March Live Class Introduction to spring , modules of spring

  122. 5th March Live Class Spring dependency injection setter,constructor

  123. 11th March Live Class Collection injection,null injection,bean

  124. 11th March Doubt Session

  125. 12th March Live Class Autowire using byName , byType ,constructor

  126. 15th March Doubt Session

  127. 18th March Live Class Spring core annotations, Spring Bean Life

  128. 19th March Revision Class

  129. 25th March Live Class Annotations of Spring ,usage of import

  130. 25th March Doubt Session

  131. 26th March Live Class Difference b w Spring vs SpringBoot, Behind

  132. 29th March Doubt Session

  133. 1st April Live Class @ConfigurationProperties vs @Value , Usage

  134. 1st April Doubt Session

  135. 4th April Live Class Need to project management tool, maven

  136. 5th April Live Class Usage of JavaConfigAnnotation,Usage of

  137. 5th April Doubt Session

  138. 5th April Live Class Usage of repositories, maven inheritance

  139. 6th April Live Class Profiles in spring boot and its need, project

  140. 6th April Live Class Maven for webapps,creating war and deploying

  141. 7th April Live Class Springboot profiles using yaml file and

  142. 7th April Live Class maven multimodule,project for maven multi

  143. 8th April Live Class spring jdbc using xml and SpringBoot approach

  144. 8th April Doubt Session

  145. 9th April Live Class SpringBootJDBC using NamedParameterJDBCTemplate

  146. 12th April Doubt Session

  147. 13th April Live Class Spring ORM intergration using XML and

  148. 14th April Live Class SpringBoot logging using SL4J, SpringBoot

  149. 15th April Live Class SpringDataJPA using SpringBoot CrudRepository

  150. 16th April Live Class SpringDatajpa using JPA repository, findermethods

  151. 17th April Live Class lombok api, usage of lombok api in hibernate

  152. 19th April Live Class MongoDB installation, difference b w sql

  153. 19th April Doubt Session

  154. 19th April Live Class spring mvc

  155. 20th April Live Class SpringBoot MongoDB, performing curd operation

  156. 20th April Live Class SpringBoot MVC, working with embeded server

  157. 21st April Live Class springboot MVC examples, working with

  158. 22 April Live Class SpringMVCRequestMapping,@ModelAttribute

  159. 23rd April Live Class SpringBootMVC Projectusing JSP,Using Thymleaf

  160. 24th April Live Class SpringRest introduction and Need of JSON

  161. 26th April Live Class SpringRest,Usage of Postman tool to send

  162. 26th April Doubt Session

  163. 27th April Live Class aop and writing point cut expression

  164. 28th April Live Class

  165. 28th April Live Class SpringRest using @RequestParam and ResponseEntity T

  166. 29th April Live Class SpringRest TicketManagementApp using SpringRest

  167. 29th April Doubt Session

  168. 30th April Live Class Integration of swagger, Working with

  169. 30th April Live Class Javascript front End live Class

  170. 1st May Live Class SpringRest using WebClient,sending both synchronous

  171. 1st May Live Class Usage of SpringAOP in realtime application

  172. 2nd May Live Class SpringBoot RunnerApplicationRunner vs CommandLineRunner

  173. 2nd May Live Class SpringDataJpa using Embeded databaseH2 and

  174. 4th May Live Class SpringDataJPA for MulitpleDBconfigruation

  175. 5th May Live Class SpringDataJPABidirectional mapping and its

  176. 5th May Live Class SpringDataJPABidirectional mapping and its

  177. 5th May Live Class SpringBoot+Mail intergration, Introduction

  178. 6th May Live Class Microservice Architecuture,Challenges of

  179. 7th May Live Class Microservices project integration of mulitple

  180. 8th May Live Class

  181. 9th May Live Class Springcloud configuration,HystricCircuit

  182. 9th May Live Class Load balancer at client side using RibbonClient

  183. 11th May Live Class SpringBoot Message BrokerApache Kafka, SpringReactive

  184. 15th May Live Class Javascript front End

  185. 16th May Live Class Javascript front End

  186. 17th May Live Class Javascript front End

  187. 18th May Live Class Javascript front End

  188. 22nd May Front end

  189. 23rd May front End

  190. 24th May Front End

  191. 26th May Javascript front End Live Class org

  192. 29th May Live Class JavaScript Front End

  193. 31st May Live Class JavaScript Front End

  194. 2nd June Live Class JavaScript Front End

  195. 3rd Jun Live Class JavaScript Front End


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