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iNeuron Data Analysis

iNeuron Data Analysis#

Course Information#

iNeuron Data Analysis

  • Instructor: Shradha Khapra

  • Duration: 10 weeks

  • Level: Advanced

Table of Contents#

  1. 12th Nov Induction Class

  2. 13th Nov Live Class Data Analyst Vs Business Analyst Overview

  3. 20th Nov Live Class Snowflake Fundamentals

  4. 19th Nov Live Class SQL Basics

  5. 23rd Nov Doubt Session

  6. 26th Nov Live Class DATABASE + WAREHOUSE + SCHEMAS + VIEWS +

  7. 27th Nov Live Class date & time functions in SNOWFLAKE

  8. 30th Nov Doubt Session


  10. 4th Dec Live Class CASE STATEMENTS IN SQL

  11. 10th Dec Live Class Constraints & ALTER COMMANDs in SQL

  12. 11th Dec Live Class LIVE ASSIGNMENT & DOUBT

  13. 14th Dec Doubt Session

  14. 17th Dec Live Class String Functions Part 1

  15. 18th Dec Live Class String Functions Part 2

  16. 7th Jan Live Class Regexp Concepts

  17. 8th Jan Live Class REGEXP LAB SESSION

  18. 14th Jan Live Class INNER & LEFT OUTER JOINS IN SQL


  20. 18th Jan Doubt Session

  21. 21st Jan Live Class Bulk Data Upload in MySQL


  23. 25th Jan Doubt Session

  24. 28th Jan Live Class Master Table Creation & GroupBy Clause

  25. 29th Jan Live Class Cascading Effect in SQL + SELF JOIN

  26. 1st Feb Doubt Session

  27. 4th Feb Live Class DECODE + UPSERT + SELF JOINS in MYSQL

  28. 5th Feb Live Class Finding & Removing Duplicates in Data

  29. 11th Feb Live Class ER Diagram + Facts Vs Dimensions Table

  30. 12th Feb Live Class ERD Snowflake + Windows Function Row Number

  31. 15th Feb Doubt Session

  32. 18th Feb Live Class Window Functions Rank + Dense rank

  33. 19th Feb Live Class Window Functions Continued First vlaue+last

  34. 22nd Feb Doubt Session

  35. 25th Feb Live Class Excel -1

  36. 26th Feb Live Class Excel -2

  37. 1st March Doubt Session

  38. 2nd March Live Class Filters & Pivot Table in Excel

  39. 4th March Live Class Normalization

  40. 5th March Live Class SUBQUERY Vs CTE

  41. 7th March Live Class LookUp Functions in Excel

  42. 9th March Live Class IF CONDITION & BASIC FUNCTIONS Used In

  43. 11th March Live Class Snowflake Storage Integration with AWS

  44. 12th March Live Class Auto Data Load into Snowflake Table Using

  45. 14th March Live Class Index & Match Functions In Excel + Grouping

  46. 15th March Doubt Session

  47. 16th March Live Class Macros In Excel

  48. 18th March Live Class Full Outer Join + Cross Join + All Joins

  49. 19th March Live Class Stored Procedure In SQL Resource

  50. 21st March Live Class Slicers + VBA Resource

  51. 22nd March Doubt Session

  52. 23rd March Live Class What If Analysis In Excel

  53. 25th March Live Class Power Bi Introduction & Challenge 1 Problem

  54. 26th March Live Class Formatting All Charts + Drill

  55. 28th March Live Class Basic Of Python List

  56. 29th March Doubt Session

  57. 30th March Live Class Basic of Python Input+Output+Eval + Print

  58. 1st April Live Class Calc Column Vs Measures + Slicer

  59. 2nd April Live Class Buttons + Bookmarks + Donut Chart

  60. 4th April Live Class Module & Packages + String Funcs + Lists

  61. 5th April Doubt Session

  62. 6th April Live Class Looping + Conditional + Sets in Python

  63. 7th April Live Class Tuples + Dictionary + Functions + Filters

  64. 9th April Live Class Funnel Chart πŸ“Š + Cards + KPI Chart

  65. 11th April Live Class Numpy in Pandas

  66. 12th April Doubt Session

  67. 13th April Live Class Numpy Part 2 in Python 🐍

  68. 15th April Live Class Sankey Chart + Maps + Scatter Chart +

  69. 16th April Live Class DAX Time Intelligence Functions + Word

  70. 17th April Live Class informatica iics part 1

  71. 18th April Live Class Visualizations Using Matplotlib In Python

  72. 19th April Doubt Session

  73. 20th April Live Class Visualization Using Seaborn + EDA Insurance

  74. 21st April Live Class Informatica iics class 2

  75. 22nd April Live Class Ribbon Chart + Summarize + RankX in PBI

  76. 23rd April End-To-End Project

  77. 24th April Live Class Informatica class 3

  78. 25th April Live Class EDA of Titanic Dataset Part 1

  79. 26th April Doubt Session

  80. 26th April Doubt Session

  81. 27th April Live Class Pandas Series & DataFrame

  82. 29th April Live Class Evalute Func in PBI + Subburst Chart +

  83. 30th April Live Class Scheduled Refresh in PBI & Task Automation

  84. 1st May Live Class Informatica class 4

  85. 2nd May Live Class loc + iloc in Python + EDA titanic Datasets

  86. 3rd May Doubt Session

  87. 4th May Live Class Titanic Dataset EDA Completion + Connecting

  88. 5th May Live Class

  89. 6th May Live Class RLS in PBI

  90. 7th May Live Class Incremental Refresh + Parameters + LookUpValue

  91. 8th May Live Class Measure of central tendency and Measure of

  92. 9th May Live Class

  93. 11th May Live Class

  94. 12th May Live Class Statistics Part-2

  95. 13th May Live Class

  96. 14th May Power Query Editor + M language + Direct Indirect Query

  97. 15th May Live Class (Part -1)

  98. 15th May Live Class Part 2 Statistics 3

  99. 16th May Parameters in Tableau Live Class

  100. 17th May Live Class

  101. 18th May LOD Expressions in Tableau Live Class

  102. 19th May Live class Stats Part-4

  103. 20th May Live Class

  104. 21st May Exclude Scope in LOD & Sets in Tableau Live class

  105. 22nd May Stats-5 Extra Class

  106. 23rd May Tableau Advance Features Extra Class

  107. 24th May Doubt Session

  108. 26th May live class Stats-6

  109. 27th May Tableau & Power Bi Performance Optimization Live Class

  110. 28th May Live Class

  111. 4th June Non Stop End to End Data Analytics Project Problem

  112. 4th June Non Stop End to End Data Analytics Project Data Loading

  113. Power Bi

  114. Snowflake Integration with Power Bi + Donut Charts


  • Cost: : β‚Ή8,000

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