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☁️ Cloud Computing Learning Path#

Welcome to the Cloud Computing Learning Path! This guide will help you master essential cloud computing skills. Click on each section to get started.

Table of Contents#

  1. Stephane Maarek’s AWS Cloud Perfectionist

  2. Intellipaat AWS Certification

  3. Intellipaat Azure Certification

  4. Intellipaat DevOps Certification

  5. Intellipaat Kubernetes Certification

  6. Intellipaat Agile Certification

  7. Additional Resources

Stephane Maarek’s AWS Cloud Perfectionist#

Stephane Maarek's AWS Cloud Perfectionist

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Intellipaat AWS Certification#

Intellipaat AWS Certification

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Intellipaat Azure Certification#

Intellipaat Azure Certification

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Intellipaat DevOps Certification#

Intellipaat DevOps Certification

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Intellipaat Kubernetes Certification#

Intellipaat Kubernetes Certification

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Intellipaat Agile Certification#

Intellipaat Agile Certification

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Additional Resources#


  • 📚 “Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture” by Thomas Erl

  • 📘 “The DevOps Handbook” by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis



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